Moss stitch beanie for beginner

hello all,
does anyone have a pattern or can point me in the right direction for an easy moss stitch beanie for a beginner? a free woul dbe nice :slight_smile:
thank you much

This is the only one I could find that was only moss stitch w/o a pattern (like diamonds). It’s knit in the round.

Oh and I found a beret.

u r awesome for the quick reply. i wanted to start on it tonight! thank you! will have a look soon as baby allows :slight_smile:

so for that first pattern i definitely need those cicular needles , eh?

I made that beret for my boyfriend’s grandmother :slight_smile:
She’s really into stage acting and reader’s theater so she absolutely loved it.Pretty cool lady for a grandma.

You can use 16 in circular needles and switch to DPN, magic loop with a longer circ, or 2 circular needles. OR you can start with two circular needles or magic loop and there’s no need to switch for the top. I usually do the first, but only because I’m used to it.

Technique in the video section.

Ok, so after this long I finally figured out that dpns means double pointed needles, for which i have the size three but will have to go and get the 7’s.
This is the first step in the instructions…

provisionally cast on 90 sts in the round

does that just mean cast on 90 sts…

Work stockinette st in the round for 3′′

then I do stockinette till i reach 3"…is that it so far …

Remove yarn from provisional cast on and place live sts on the circular needle

this is where i get confused…

Fold-up the band and hold these live stitches right behind the working sts

still confused…

To secure the bottom of the band to the top, knit through both sts (the provisional st on the

i understand this is to make a double layer thing…but confused about the first part…

circular needle will be directly behind the working st on the DPN)
Once all the band stitches have been knit together, start the increases

help :frowning: maybe im not understandin what is meant by cast on 90 provisional :knitting:

A provisional cast on is used when you want to be able to have live stitches at the beginning (cast on) row of your work. This is handy if you are using the three needle bind off method or grafting your work together to hide a seam.

There is a video under the Free Video tabs in the cast on section of this website that will help you understand how to do this. Just scroll down to Invisible (Provisional) cast on.