Moses Basket for 4-5 Inch Dolls Help

I am having trouble understanding a pattern for a moses basket
I have completed the main basket weave pattern and now starting on the top white part.
The pattern says:
work 4 rows in st-st
Count down 4 rows to first st-st row and pick up the stitch directly below the current stitch 4 rows down and slip on to left hand needle. K this and the first stitch together. Repeat for 2nd stitch and all the way across the row to form a piped edging.
Any help to try and complete this would be great
Thank you

This is going to knit a pleat or hem in the white edging. It’ll fold that edging over as you see it in the photo.
Count down 4 rows from the current row and place a marker thread or even better pick up the sts with another needle. A thinner needle makes this easier. The pick up of sts ensures that you’ll finish on track with the same number of picked up sts as you have live sts on the needle.
See especially 3:00min in the video.