Mosaic knitting?

I got a pattern on line for a bag that had no real description but I liked the bag. So it comes and I am thinking I will need to either learn intarsia or fair isle and it say it is mosaic knitting and therefore “easy” because it is one color at a time. I am looking at it going, huh??? :?? All I can figure is the slip stitches must somehow suck the next row down into there spot. Am I even close??:whoosh:

Here is an article that explains it, and I know it’s also featured in things like the Vogue Knitting book. Hopefully this article will help you. Good luck :thumbsup:

That does help and actually seems like it might be doable. The bag looks complicated but it appears to be fairly easy when you read the pattern. And that is the theme of Christmas presents around here. Floor them with what looks hard and never tell the truth!

Mosaic knitting is a tchnique using slip stitches There is a book on Mosaic Knitting by Barbara walker. Samples from the book can be seen at
The Walker Treasury project where people are knitting swatches from all her books. Search for mosaic on the sites search feature.

How interesting. I’ve never heard of Mosaic knitting before.
May have to look into some patterns.


Mosaic knitting is fast fun and easy! I love it. Here is a link to a girl who has quite a few hat patterns, some are mosaic and are really cool and quick knits.

Here’s a book on Mosaic Knitting that’s pretty good. It got high ratings on Amazon, too. I got it from my library awhile back.

You’re close. It’s easy and fun but it makes you look like a genius. The Barbara Walker book is the one to get if you think you’ll be doing a lot of mosaic/slip stitch patterns, but there’s also a very good one by Roxana Bartlett:
I think it’s actually better for learning the technique.

Yeah I probably ought to pick up a book and at least get the general idea. I got the pattern for the Thornes Market bag at WEBS. My sister would think I was amazing.

I took a mosaic knitting class this morning (here’s the story). It seemed pretty straightforward and fun. The teacher was trying to tell us about the bag at Webs. She didn’t remember the name, but I am sure it is the same one.