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I have been doing a lot of basic patterns for a little more than a year now. I would like to try a sweater for the winter but nothing too complicated as I do not have lots of time right now for highly complicated intricate work. Does anyone know of maybe a bsic pullover that I could do fairly easily? I have reached the point where I want to try something more challenging but easy enough that I woont give up.

Look for some top down patterns. They’re easier than knitting pieces and sewing together, plus you can try them on as you go to adjust the fit so you don’t have to wait until you’re done to see if it’s going to fit or not.

My first was #9724 from Knitting Pure and Simple.

There are lots of top down patterns though.

a lot of the patterns at (all available in English and for free!) are pretty easy. and if you need help just ask here!

I made a sweater from Encore Worsted in cranberry from this pattern. It was fast and not too difficult. It is Yankee Knitter Designs’ Roll Raglan in crew and mock turtleneck for children 1-14 sizes and adults 36"-50". It is a leaflet pattern and you may be able to find it through Patternworks or google it.

I just went and looked at that page that Jan said she used for her first sweater, and there’s one called Weekend Pullover # 224 that you knit with bulky yarn and large needles, so you could do fairly quickly and it says it’s a good beginner sweater. I made a raglan sleeve sweater for my first “big” project (though it was for my 6yo…and it still fits him 2 years later!)

[COLOR=DarkRed][B][FONT=Comic Sans MS]The first sweater I knit beyond basic was simply adding cables down the fronts next to the button/buttonhole bands and in center of the sleeves on a cardi I had already made once.[/FONT][/B][/COLOR]

For basic sweaters you can modify as you like, look at Paton’s Next Steps series. Books Two and Three are about sweaters - pullovers in #2 and Cardigans in #3 - and give you options for different necklines and sleeves.

Michaels crries this series but I have yet to find book two in stock. I like the crew neck and the v neck pullovers. Thanks!

Here’s are a few sites where you can order all the Patons Next Steps booklets from!!!

HTH, knitcindy

These books are user-friendly and easy to follow. I knit my first sock (and my second sock, haha) using book four this winter. I am an advanced beginner/intermediate and I approve this message. :thumbsup:

PS- The link to order all the of the other ones is the greatest thing I’ve seen all day!

I like book one and two. I think I may order both and do a sweater from each!:aww:

Joanns usually has those Patons booklets in the store next to the Patons yarn. I have the one for pullovers and it is a good basic book. I made the vest with Classic Wool merino.

The problem is that Wichita Falls does not have a Joann’s. Would have to drive a couple of hour to OKC or the other direction to the DFW metroplex to find one. It is easier to order them.

Even though I have 3 craft-y stores within driving distance, I chose to order the Patons booklets online, simply because I didn’t want to have to (possibly) drive to all 3 of them to get the whole set.

So I chose to order online and get them all at the same time, in the same package!!! TA DA! Done!

Happy knitting!!!