More sweater confusion

So I’ve worked through the problem from yesterday, and now I’m shaping the neck on the front piece. The patern says to knit 15 , place marker, knit two, bind off one, place marker, and knit the other 15.

But this seems ambiguous.I don’t know for sure whether I’m supposed to knit two more after the two following the first marker so I can bind off the second of those two (if that made sense) or to make one stich and bind off from the second of the two stitches after the marker. I tried it the latter way, and ended up having 17 instead of 15 stitches in the last little bit of the row. I’m really confused, and I don’t want to mess up the whole sweater. So any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

How about knit 2 after the marker. Then bind off two stitches, with the stitch left over from that being part of your second 15. Does that work?

Ok, so knit 15. Put the marker. Bind off two. Put a marker before the last stitch there, and knit 14?

Like that?

In the first post you said to bind off one, I’m sorry, I mis-typed

I would knit the first 15, place a marker. Then I’d knit the next two stitches.

I suspect that the next marker should be before the next 15, so I’d place the marker, then bind off the one stitch, and continue to the end.

This way everything will be balanced–15/marker/2/marker/15

Just for clarification, what are the instructions later in the pattern that involve the markers?

Keeping two sts at center neck edge in garter stitch, work even until piece measures 6 inches above armhole shaping, ending with a WS row.

Shape front neck: Work each side as follows: bind off 3sts at center edge 1 time then 2 sts 1 time- 10 sts remain.

Work even until piece measures same as back to shoulder; shape shoulders as for back…

But… if you remember, I just binded(boind?) off without any instructions as to how to shape the shoulders–there weren’t any instructions for that. Am I reading it wrong or could part of the pattern be missing something?

Ugh. I really hope I don’t mess this whole thing up. I don’t know anyone who can help me finish it if I do.

Follow the shoulder directions for the back as far as they were written, then bind the rest off as you did for the back. They’ll match, which is all that matters so you can sew them together.

As for the rest of the pattern the 15/2/15 distribution of the stitches appears to be right.

I think this is going to work out just fine. :wink: