More Seam-stress!

I’ve just finished my very first cardigan (woohoo!) :happydance:
and I need help with sewing it up. Where best to ask than here?!
I can do mattress stitch thanks to the encouragement of the gals on this website (thank you thank you thank you), but I’ve hit a new set of ends (?) that I think need different kinds of seaming.
The entire garment is in garter stitch.
I have 2 bound off edges to sew together:
a hood to the neckline
This cardi was knit in one piece up to the armholes, then divided for back and sides. I now need to set the sleeves in. I have bound off edges at the top of the sleeves, with increased selvedges on the sides that need sewing onto the sides of the armholes (which are the selvedges of the body). I hope that makes sense.
So I need to know if there is a way of seaming bound off edge to bound off edge, and also of seaming a bound off edge to a garter stitch selvedge.
All you experienced knitters will have an answer for me I’m sure. :eyebrow: Thanks for all your help!


If you go to and search seaming there are a couple great articles by Theresa with wonderful pictures on seaming and setting in sleeves. Knitty is a great site, both for patterns and for articles about knitting techniques. If I can’t find an answer in Amy’s videos that’s always my next place to look.

Where in Scotland are you?


Thanks so much for your reply and for the address of Knitty, I’ll definitely check that out. I have Vogue Knitting and a couple of other books, but I find that as a book learner, and not a natural “crafter” it can be quite hard sometimes to work out just what’s happening even in the best photos. I hope I can find the help I need on the knitting website you suggest - and I do love anything free so the free patterns are a must!
I live in the Aberdeenshire countryside, just on the outskirts of Fyvie Castle. Already we’re in the throws of spring with all the spring flowers out and zillions of new bunnies some as small as a couple of inches - we call them “pocket bunnies”! and they’re out in force just in time for Easter!
Thanks again for your tip, I’m off now to have an oggle!

Hi again Mary, just to let you know that I have had a good look at and it certainly is a brilliant place to go for info and some very inspiring patterns. I did find it difficult to search for very specific topics like mine and couldn’t actually find anything in the end that covers the question I have. That said, I did pick up a couple of other very useful instructions and tips so the trip was well worthwhile. Thanks for that!
I will have another trawl through my knitting books and the internet and also wait and see if in time someone here has the answer I need.
1? How to sew together 2 bound off edges
2? How to sew together 1 bound edge and 1 garter selvedge.
Thanks again for your help.

Hi! I tend to knit garment in the round to avoid seaming. But this weekend I finished a baby sweater that I didn’t knit in the round so I could practice seams. This blog had great advice and pictures that really helped me out!

Good luck

BIG HUGS!!! BIG HUGS!!! BIG HUGS!!! :muah: :muah: :muah:

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! You are a wonder, nay, a marvel… ta!
All instruction books should be so clear and have such marvellous photos. I highly recommend this link to anyone looking for great seaming info. I am so frequently frustrated as a newbie knitter of seeing instructions like “sew it up” without knowing the appropriate way to seam for all eventualities, not just stocking stitch selvedges. The techniques are sadly lacking everywhere, even in the best books. Thanks to you and Ms Prickett, I am now a very happy knitter tonight and an altogether happy person! :cheering:

I LOVE THIS FORUM!!! :notworthy: [/i]