More problems using dpn

OK I’ve got stitches falling off the ends all over the place. Grrrrr!

Am I doing something wrong? I’m supposed to have 32 stitches on 3 needles. Is that too many? What’s the trick to keeping the stitches on the needles.

Also, when I knit the first stitch on the empty needle I’m realizing that first stitch does not look right. It’s a long shot but anyone have any idea about that. Maybe I’m pulling too tight???

32 stitches total, or 32 stitches on each needle? If it’s 32 stitches on each needle then you should be able to use a circular needle rather than dpns. What length of circular depends on what your gauge is but if you’ve been working on a circular up to this point and are now switching to dpns, I’d say that you could keep on going with the circular until it is too tight to do so, or switch to a smaller length circular and only go to dpns when absolutely necessary. What’s the pattern??

And your second question about the first stitch…it is not uncommon to have problems there. Some make it too tight, some make it too loose (I’ve done both) and it’s really a matter of practicing and figuring out what works for you. Sometimes it’s hard to tell until you’ve worked a good length of knitting whether that stitch is actually wonky or if it just looks like it because that’s where your stitches split onto seperate needles.

Are you using metal needles? I find those to be too slick for some DPN projects. Wood needles really help keep the stitches in place.

It’s 32 stitches on each needle.

The pattern is the Basic Cable hat from the Stitch N Bitch Nation book.

I was using 16 inch circs.

I can’t imagine now trying to switch back to circs. :crying:

I just hope I haven’t lost any stitches. I guess if I can just get through a couple rounds I wont have so many stitches and the falling off problem will resolve itself.

Wish me luck! :?

Good luck!

If you have an extra pair of circs you can do small diameter knitting with those instead of the DPNs…Amy has a video in case you ever want to try it.

Thanks. I’ll have to check that video out.