More help needed with pattern please

hi, am having a nightmare with this pattern and have now loads more stitches on needle than should have at end of row

K5, k2tog, k2, yrn. * K1, yrn, k2,sl1 ,k2tog ,psso, k2, yrn to last ten sts ki, yrn, k2, sl1, k1, psso k5.

when i have done my knit stich and put yrn ( so make a stitch) wool is at the front of work, when i knit the next stitch I am then infact making another stitch ( I seem to have made 2 sts) doing this I have way too many stitches on my needle at the end of the row.

could it possibly mean put yarn over needle instead, I would only make one stich by doing this.

Any adice greatfully recieved. thanks Helen.

A couple of questions:
How many sts do you have to start the row and how many do you end with?
What is the next row of the pattern?

It seems like two posibllities: 1) yes, it’s just supposed to be a yarn over so that you have a single loop over the needle or 2) it’s supposed to be a double yarn over (a yarn round the needle) but you’ll drop the extra yarn over on the next row.

Can you give us the name of the pattern or a pattern link?

hi, it is a really old pattern I bought online it was taken from a magazine. (simply Knitting 2007- if you search this online this it shows you a picture of the pattern - Perfect Primrose) I started with 139 stitches, but ended up with many more, unravelled it now so not sure how many more but about 20 extra I think.

The next row is just k5 purl to the last 5 sts knit

It makes a type of lacy diamond pattern. i just don’t don’t understand yrn inbetween the two knit sts

Hi again, I have found this online
YRN between 2 knit stitches. Bring yarn forward under the right needle then over it to the back for the next stitch. I’ll try this out tomorrow.

This sounds like yarn over needle to me as you suggested. If this doesn’t work I think I’ll try something else. Thanks for your help.

OK. The single yarn over will maintain the stitch count across the row so if that works with the rest of the pattern, you should be on your way.