More entrelac help please

I took my purse bottom and first tier of triangles in to my LYS and had them take a look at my work. They said it was fine and they helped me start my second tier. I picked up and purled my 9 stitches and worked the first square. Now I need to start my second square. My camera battery is dying, so the pictures stink, but hopefully you can see what I’m talking about.

I’m supposed to pick up and purl 9 stitches here, but I’m not sure exactly where. There are a lot more than 9 possible places to pick up stitches there. What’s really bothering me is you can see some yarn there that’s sort of hanging out on top. I’m not sure what that is or how I got it there. Maybe it belongs there? Who knows. If anyone can make sense out of this, I would appreciate any help! (The top arrows are pointing to the yarn that I’m not sure about. The bottom arrows point to where I think I should pick up and purl my stitches.)

You pick up stitches on the square or triangle just below the right hand needle, which is the one with the yarn end going back to the skein.


Thanks, Sue!