Moral delema

Hello Everyone,

I have a pattern that I paid for so I can not post it here. The thing is, I need someone to write it out long hand. It’s confusing me and I have to jump back and forth between the ‘pattern stitch’ and the special stitch and there’s also color changing.

I just figured out what to do. The pattern is on
If some expert knitter has an account there, and a Pay Pal account, I can send them some money via Pay Pal and then they can buy that pattern and not be out anything, and then ‘translate’ it for me.

Anyone interested?

What’s the name of the pattern? Maybe someone will already have it, or maybe someone can suggest ideas how to help you keep track of it on your own.

You might also try contacting the creator of the pattern- he or she might already have it written out, or might not mind you sending it to someone else to get help- at least that would save you some money and hassle.

You could also check on ravelry and find someone there who already has the pattern who might be willing to help. If you’re not on ravelry, I’ll check around for you if you tell me the name of the pattern.

Excellent idea! I get so thick skulled when I’m frustrated.

The pattern is Peppermint Posers, here is a link to the pattern so you can see the image.

Any pattern for crochet or knit that will allow me to create a 2 colored diagonal pattern cloth would work for what i want. I’m just too fatigued to try and make one myself. I tried for the last 2 days, failed, then found this pattern and of coarse I can’t do it. I only did like 10 rows but it sure doesn’t look right.

That shouldn’t be too hard to re-create.
Start with cast on 2 stitchs in Color A.
Next row: k, increase in each stitch (4 sts)
Change to Color B - purl
inc 1, knit across, inc 1
change to Color A - purl
inc 1, knit across, inc 1
Keep increasing every other row until it’s 2" (or 3", whatever size)
then start decreasing every other row, while also changing color ever 2 rows.
Til your back down to 2 stitches, then k2tog and end.

fold in half and sew a seam to make a small tube,
Then put a wad of yarn scraps in the middle and tie off each end w/ribbon.