Moon / crescent pattern

Hi All,

My daughter is obsessed with the moon so I thought it would be fun to make her a moon-shaped pillow. A crescent would be the best because otherwise it’s just a circle pillow. I can’t seem to find any patterns on the web. Do any of you have any suggestions?


A few months ago there was a thread on knitting a crescent shape; do a search for that and it may give you some ideas to work with. I’ve not seen a pattern anywhere.


Thanks. I found the bag you were talking about… I will modify it to make a pillow.

and check out Nicky Epsteins books (knitting on the edge/knitting over the edge) one them (i forget which one, (the pink one i think)) has several moon patterns, (phased of the moon, golden moon, others…)

I was the one who started the previous thread on how to make a crescent shape. What I ended up doing was to use a combination of short rows and decreasing. When doing the short rows, instead of wrapping and turning, I just turned without wrapping, and then when long rowing back, I knit* the stitch that would’ve been wrapped together with the next stitch – by doing this, you get a decrease and get rid of the short row gap at the same time. Between the decreases and short rows, you should get something that comes out like a crescent. You’ll have to play around with the number of stitches to cast on and the frequency of your short rows/decreases to get the shape you want. HTH

I did k2tog on one side and (I think) SSK on the other side to get symmetrical decreases.

This might be fun to make: