Monkey Sock Question

How would it work in the monkey sock if instead of a YO you used a M1 ?

You wouldn’t get a lacey effect, though you might get a smaller hole. Try the pattern on some scrap yarn with the M1 and see how it turns out.

I did this on her Pomatomus sock. It did make the holes a lot smaller but I liked the look better…:thumbsup:


I’m also making the Monkey Socks pattern. [Where’d that name come from???]

I like it better when you leave the purls out - knit all the stitches instead; keep the decreases and yo’s as set forth. This way, it is a little more like a trompe d’oeil - the resulting pattern can look rightside-up or upside-down. Pretty neat.


Check this out: [FONT=Arial][/FONT]