Moms- What size do you like baby blankets to be?

I am making an original design baby blanket for a coming baby on my mom’s side of the family (my cousin and his wife are having an early Christmas present; their first child is due december 20th) :woohoo:

Im not sure how big to make the blanket, so I figured that the best people to ask would be moms who have kids (since they have received baby blankets from other people for their kids).

ETA- also, if the reception for the FO is well received here and on Ravelry, I may make a pdf pattern of it (perhaps with mulitiple sizes).

Great idea. I think a lot of us would like to know the answer to that one! I’ll be staying tuned.

I think it doesn’t matter, different sizes have different uses. A larger one for a crib blanket, a smaller one for a car seat or carrier cover. I’m making some for a grandbaby, one is somewhat circular and it’s about 36" across, another will end up about 25x27" or so. 30-36" square is usual, but they come in all sizes.

I personally did not like rectangular blankets for infants. Square made it much easier to wrap and bundle them. I also prefer 36" square, but that wasn’t an option.

Rectangular is fine for older babies that are no longer wrapped in them.

I vote for 36" square for a new baby. Different sizes have their uses such as smaller and rectangle shaped for strollers and the car. Babies are cute no matter what you wrap them in. :mrgreen:

large enough to nurse under, without it being completely obvious that I’m nursing under there. BIG! BIG, BIG, BIG!!

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but I just had my second child 5 weeks ago, and have come to realize square blankets are so much nicer at this stage. Easier to nurse under if needed and to swaddle baby. Im curious to see what size is most popular, I would like to make one myself.

I agree with square…and at least 40" so that it can be used when the child becomes a toddler. Our 3 yr. old DGD uses her for naps and drags them all over the place, even wrapping her babies in them and most are the larger ones that were given when she was born.

My ‘baby’ is 35 now, but I had a knitted blanket that I found ever so useful when he was in the bassinet. It was hand knitted in an Aircell type stitch and was quite a long rectangle. The blanket middle was placed under the mattress and the two ends came out and wrapped around the baby and tucked in each side to hold him firmly and snuggly.