Mommy Snug

I want to knit the Mommy Snug (from the Summer issue of Interweave), but I’m not going to be using the yarn called for in the pattern (Gedifra Merino is just too pricey for me). I have a ton of Bernat Super Value in pink that I want to use up and according to the label its the same gauge, but my test swatch is HUGE! I could try to do the math to figure out if I could just make a smaller size, but my brain hurts. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
Even a pattern in the same yarn would do…especially if the pattern was slightly easier, as the ‘short rows’ scare me.

First I’d use smaller needles and make another swatch. If the swatch is way off, start with needles two sizes smaller.

Monica, if your stitch size is too small for the yarn you are using the shrug will feel stiff and board-like when you are done. You want to display your yarn to it’s best advantage, so my advice is to do the math or find another pattern.
Don’t be afraid of short rows! They aren’t as hard as you think. Even if you don’t want the little holes, you can make them with wraps easily too. Plus they leave their own “marks” in the knitting and you can always tell where you are.

Do you have a web shot of this shrug? If so maybe we could find you an alternate that would suit your yarn better.

Thanks for the advice. Actually, I went one half size smaller and the swatch is pretty much dead on. And I’m sure that I’ll grow considerably by the time I’m done, I don’t mind it being a little big. Plus the pattern says it has quite a bit of stretch, so it’ll be hard to fit during construction anyway.
Here’s the link to the Interweave photos for that issue. The pic is about halfway down the page.

I’ll keeping posting as I go.

wow that looks really nice, I would have knit that for my last 2 pregnancys but I was just learning before my last. Then again I was unusually warm during both pregnancys. I would want the a/c on and my husband would want the heater on in the car.

I was thinking that heat might be a problem, as I’m already a pretty warm person, but if I wear a t-shirt with it to work (so I can de-layer as necessary) it should be fine. I’ll be growing during the winter months and it can get pretty damn cold up here.
Anyway, thanks for the advice. I’m sure I’ll be posting more about the short-rows, once I get to that point.