Mohair question

Hi all.
I want to know how much mohair yarn (with some acrylic so I can possibly machine wash it?) I need to buy for a loose fitting V neck ladies sweater please? I am a size 20 - 22, UK size.
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Lion Brand has a useful chart with estimates for yarn weights in various projects. Since mohair comes in various weights it’s difficult to give a precise number.

Do you have a pattern in mind? Will the sweater be all mohair or a strand of mohair held with another yarn?


Dear Salmonac (?),

many thanks for your reply, I do appreciate it.

I should have said that the pattern I’m interested in is called Kviten
jumper/sweater, and it’s with

I’m looking for a predominately mohair yarn with a little bit of acrylic and possibly wool in it. All one colour. I want to knit it in DK weight.

I seem to be going round in circles trying to work out how much yarn I need for my size: 20-22.

Looking at the pattern on your screen it doesn’t give a photo of the sizes you can knit the sweater in so I could be wasting a lot of time looking at different
yarns. Does the pattern go up to my size please?


Irena Staszko

Lovely, graceful sweater.
The Ravelry page gives dimensions for the various sizes ranging from bust 91-163cm (35.8-64.2inches).
You might look at the yarn ideas at the top of the Ravelry page for possible yarn suggestions too.

The lovexraft page is kind of lackingjinninformation isn’t it.
The ravekry page is super helpful though and ebem gives the length in meters of the yarn needed for each size! Also for the lace weight 3 strands held together and for dk held single.
It would be so useful if all patterns had these details especially when yarns are discontinued. It would be so much easier to work out how much yarn to buy.

This swewter is beautiful, I’ve added as a fav. At first glance I thought it was just plain and I’m not sure I’d like mohair (too fluffy tickly for me) so didn’t pay it much attention but on closer inspection, wow, really lovely detail on the arm, shoulder and neck. love it.