Mohair, Not what I expected

I was looking up worsted weight mohair. It is pretty hard to find yarn with a high percent of mohair at worsted weight. But when I looked at what was knit with mohair, nothing like I expected. I expected it to look furry or feathery and for it to be hard to see the actual stitches because the yarn was so fluffy. But nothing like that appeared. I could see like a hint of fluffiness from the fact that it was a mohair yarn but nothing like the furry sweaters and dresses I get when I search for images of mohair patterns. Why though? Even at 78% mohair, still just a hint of fluffiness in the worsted weight mohair and still easy to see the stitches. Looking up mohair swatch I found the same thing, not furry yarn when knit, just a hint of fluffiness. But the yarn was very fluffy so what gives? Why such a big difference between the fluffiness of the yarn and that of the end product? And how do you get furry looking mohair? Lace weight yarn?

What is the name of the yarn you were using? The halo may well depend on the spin and the percent mohair. Have you washed the item or swatch that you made?

I haven’t actually knit anything with mohair or gotten mohair yarn yet. I was just looking up worsted weight mohair and seeing pictures of what has been made with it particularly for high percent mohair(something like 2% mohair is not going to make a difference) and it didn’t look furry. Same for the swatch, I was just looking at mohair swatches other people made and saw the same not furry look. I honestly wouldn’t get mohair yarn unless I can find one with visual proof that the product is furry looking. The most recent yarn I looked at is Take Care Mohair but I haven’t actually gotten any mohair yarn.

The Take Care Mohair has the typical halo I’d expect of mohair yarn. There is however a range of softness and halo to mohairs from very tight ones like La Gran to a silk mohair like Artyarns Silk Mohair. And of course, the price can increase too.

If you have a local yarn store, it would be ideal to see and feel the yarn as well as chat with the staff about mohair. If not, I’d pick one that appeals and order a skein, knit a swatch, wash it and see of you like it.