Mohair knots

I am trying to knit a new scarf mixing mohair with other wool. My problem is that the mohair got very tangled and developed so many knots that i made little balls of mohair yarn after I had to cut the knots out of a larger ball that I was trying to make. My question is how do I tie the ends together of the little balls to make one large strand so that I can begin to weave? Do I tie the ends of the strands into knots again to join them. I have never worked with mohair before and find the thinness of the strands a bit daunting. Many thanks…

Oh boy. Mohair is evil. If you’re weaving with it knotting might be okay. If you’re knitting…I don’t know. Personally I don’t use mohair because it’s too itchy and annoying for me to deal with so maybe someone who likes it knows better.

sorry, I am knitting not weaving.

If you’re knitting the mohair with another yarn, it’s easiest to overlap the old and new mohair strands for one or two sts, then weave in the ends later. This way, you would gradually work in all the small balls of yarn that you have.
Since knots can come undone, I try to avoid them if possible.

You meant weaving in the ends I think, that’s where Jan got off track…

Overlapping the ends works.

This community is really terrific. It is so interesting to learn that just over lapping the strands would work! I’ll try it.

Be sure to leave long enough tails hanging free so that you can weave them into the knitted fabric later!

Will do. TY

I don’t use mohair either. It sticks to everything and is almost impossible to frog if you make a mistake. It melds itself to the other stitches.

Putting it in the freezer helps make it easier to rip out. The hairs don’t stick to each other as much.

another question: I’m using the mohair strands to accent the wool that I’m mainly using in this scarf which will have fairly loose stitches. If I’m only using a two strands of the mohair for accenting, will it be too noticeable when I try to weave in the loose ends later. In other words, I don’t have much mohair surrounding it to hide the loose ends. Any thoughts about this would be helpful…

You can weave the tails into the mohair and wool. Here’s a tutorial on weaving in ends. Even if the sts are fairly loose, this will work out ok.