mohair and .......

I was knitting the pattern Rowan Candy but then got stuck on the neckline. WhY???
Well I knit the front first because I only had so much red mohair so I knit the front before I knit the back
Everyone on the forum mentions the back first. So here I am knitting the flipping back.

However, this doesn’t end my story. I only have a certain amount of red mohair. Can you imagine a red mohair sweater in red with black westie dogs prancing round the bottom I got completely stuck on the pattern as I had knit the front to see how much wool I had. and it seems that the back should be knitted first to really understand the pattern. So there it goes, the front is awaiting me knitting the back.

.So the back was going to be the background black with red scotties,

I have to say that black mohair is the worse wool to knit …ever the pattern starts knit 2 prl 2 which is ok, but 120 stiches I keep forgetting where I am but its the wool really that is getting up my nose (honestly) its got little bits everywhere and then suddenly goes thick. Is there anything I can do to make the wool not so flyaway. I never thought of this when I bought it because I wanted proper mohair not the mohair we get in the shops in Valencia where you can tell mohair is mixed. and the red is beautiful to knit.

Its going to take me years to do this can anyone suggest what I can do with this flying mohair. I tried rolling it but it doesn’t work. Any ideas…Will i ever finish this jumper !!!

The best sweaters are sometimes just a pain to knit.
You could try taking the yarn and unwinding it into a large circle, like the circle you get when you untwist a hank of yarn. Tie it loosely in several places (e.g. 8) and wash it gently. That may get rid of some of the fluffy extra pieces.
Good luck with your project and do post a photo when you finish.

Hello, I did some research and believe it or not every site I visited suggested to put the yarn and finished pieces in the freezer or refrigerator. It’s supposed to keep the fly aways at a minimum. With a finished project they suggested to spray hairspray in it and when not wearing it to put it in a breathable bag and keep it in the fridge :grinning: