Moebius cast on?

I’ve been at it for an hour. I bought Cat Bordhi’s book and some beautiful cashmere to make the Moebius cowl I just can’t get the hang of this cast on. Can anyone help?

It may help to look at the video here for the Provisional Cast on. It’s much the same except you’re using the cable instead of another yarn. Put your needle on a table with the slip st on the left needle. Then move the left needle to the right moving the slip st onto the cord. Take the yarn in your left hand and pull it out from the needle then dip the right needle to the front of the cord and catch the yarn underneath; that’s the first st. Then move the needle up and over the cord to the back and catch the yarn there for st 2. Keep going back and forth over and under the cord until you have all your sts. You can’t do this while trying to do anything else.

Thanks. I’ve been watching the video. I might be ‘starting’ to get it.
One more?..In her book, she says for every 2 stitches ‘scooped’, 2 stitches beneath. Does this mean 2 ‘otn’, 2 below or 1’otn, 1 below?
Sorry to be so dense about this.

I guess she counts a `scoop’ as both back and front? Doesn’t sound like it when I read the directions from the book. You end up with a st over the needle and a st on the cable. But when you go to knit the first round, it’s just all sort of continuous like regular knitting in the round.

Sue, thank you so much for your time! I don’t know if I explained myself well in the previous post or not. But after viewing the provisional cast-on a few times, I now have what I think is a moebius OTN (with scrap yarn, lol). I’ll do a few rows of the pattern with this and if it looks good, I’ll venture on to the cashmere. Right now, my stitch marker magically appeared between my needles.