Moebius cast-on... can I learn it from her book?

I would really like to make the beautiful moebius on Cat Bordhi’s web site…

but I tried a different free pattern of hers (these eye pillows) and I got SO lost… I abandoned the entire project.

I didn’t even really understand where I was starting at in the eye pillows, much less how to cast on or ANYTHING like that!!

So I’m just wondering… if I get Cat’s book, will I really be able to figure out the moebius cast-on?

I don’t get Knitty Gritty, so I can’t see her do it in person like you lucky people with DIYNetwork! :pout:

Yes, both of the Magical Knitting books explain it and have pictures. So you should be able to figure it out.


I have DIY and I taped the Cat Bordhi epiode. I can make a copy for you if you like. Just PM me and let me know. I sooooo don’t get the cast on either. :shrug: I’m gonna have to watch the video over and over again myself.

Also, there’s a description of how it’s done here from the same knitty gritty show.
I agree with Femi, though…I’m going to have to watch and rewatch it to get the hang of it.