Moda-Dea Ticker Tape... anyone tried this?

I bought some today because it was pretty and looked interesting on the sample in the store. I’m a new knitter and wondering how hard this stuff is to deal with. I’ve never knitted with ribbon before. Heck, I’ve only knitted 3 things (2 scarfs and a VERY basic hat with regular straight needles). I was thinking of making a scarf with it. Is this stuff too advanced for a beginner? What about making a pom-pom with it for a hat? Any thought? Thanks! :XX:

Have you figured out how to knit with it yet? Let me know if you have any tips.

I bought some in Tropical a month or so ago to make a bathing suit for this coming Spring. I haven’t knitted with it yet, but they had a sample at Jo-Ann’s that just looked gorgeous. I couldn’t resist.

I think it would knit up best at a tank top, or maybe on big needles as a summer hat. You could even line the outside of a bag with it! Or make JEWELRY!!!

Here’s a free pattern of a poncho:

Oh, and the “Elongated Scarf” pattern on KH would be good for this.

I couldn’t find anything else, but there are some ideas for ya. Good luck, and I can’t wait to see what you make! :thumbsup: I’ll post a photo in a couple of months once I get around to making my suit. Woohoo!

Cool ideas.
I know you are very adventureous.
I always feel like I need a pattern. I’m more of a perfectionist. If I don’t have a pattern, I can’t be perfect! :wink:
So I bought the pattern for the western style jacket
but in my practice swatches, I keep getting the yarn twisted around.
Have you had this problem when working with tape?

my daughter did some scarves in ticker tape. It makes a cute funky belt as well. I believe she used 17’s. The one color that is WEIRD though is a tan/creme shade (not sure of the exact name), but it reminds you of NYLON stocking hose!

I bought some, and had to send it back…it nearly killed me!!

can’t wait to see what you came up with :slight_smile: