Mock turtle neck pattern

Really like this forum, so many experts to help us novice knitters. I was wondering if anyone knows of a pattern for a buttoned up mock turtleneck, specifically with the buttons off centered. Saw one on a friend, but it was a really expensive store bought sweater. I’ve done a little searching but haven’t really found what I’m looking for yet. Not sure if I have enough experience to try and design it myself, but may have to as a last resort

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I’m pretty sure this is not what you were after but who knows? You could adapt this to leave off the zip and add a button band.
If you follow the link there is a photo with the neck closed.

Or maybe look at buttoned cowel? Could be made separately to a sweater in the same yarn and be worn together to look like it’s all one or could be seamed in to a v neck sweater. There are so many different designs you would have a hood chance of finding a similar stitch pattern to a sweater.

That is pretty close to what I was looking at, and love the 3/4 sleeves! I will check it out, thank you!

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You’re welcome.

Don’t know if you like the zip or would want to add a button band but I’m sure someone here could help advise on a button band if needed. I was looking a few days back at afterthought button holes which are possible too although I think on this you could work out from the zip opening where to add button holes in while you knit the piece.
I’m making a baby cardigan which has ties I’m not keen on so I hope to add buttons and button holes at the end.