Mock Rib P1, SL1YF (slip on with yarn forward across)


Hello out there.

I am trying to knit a circular shrug/vest and it calls for mock rib. The pattern states: RS - K1P1 rib across WS - P1, SL1YF (slip on with yarn forward) across.

I am totally confused. I understand how to rib. But I am not wrapping my brain around it.

My questions is: How to do the slip 1 with the yarn forward? Do I slip it purlwise?


Is it supposed to be “slip one, yarn forward across the row” Or is it “slip one with yarn in front” ? Does it tell you how many stitches you’re supposed to have at the end of the row?

I was wondering the same thing if it means one or on. But word for word it states WS P1, SL1YF (slip on with yarn forward) across.

Another pattern I found on the web for this shrug said to p1, (sl1 with yf) until end of row.


It states CO 218 on size 9 needles. Work in K2P2 rib for 5 inches. K2tog, p2tog 1 row (109 st). Continue in mock rib pattern. so I guess 109 stitches.

It just sounds like on the wrong side, you purl one, slip one. The yarn will aready be in the front. I usually slip as if to purl unless it says otherwise.

I’m confused though, because you said it’s worked circular. There wouldn’t be directions for a wrong side if you’re working in the round.



The shrug is called a circular shrug, but it is not knitted on circular needles.


OK, that makes more sense. :wink:

So you suggests that I Purl 1, than slip 1 purl wise and than purl again.

My only question is. If that is all i have to do, wouldn’t the direction be purl 1 and than slip 1 purlwise? Instead of purl 1 and than slip 1 with yarn in front. I am just asking because I would assume that the yarn would be in the front anyway since i am purling.

I know I am probably over thinking the pattern, but it is a nice shrug and I really want to make it and it is my first time trying to do something besides scarves and socks.


I think in an effort to be extra clear, the pattern may have said too much–enough to confuse. I would purl one, slip one purlwise.

Thanks a lot!!!

I am doing it as you suggest and it actually look like ribs. Do you know of a site where I can see what the mock rib suppose to look like, the pattern I have is fuzzy. The only problem I have now, is I am using size 9 knitting needles and it is suppose to be 18 stitches for 4 inches and it look like it is going to be too small. Any suggestions? Should I use smaller needles?

Thanks for your help.


Almost got it in D.C.

If your gauge in the mock rib is supposed to be 18 st, and it’s too small, then you need to go to larger needles.

If you have too many stitches per inch, you go up a needle size; too few per inch, down a needle size.

You can try googling for mock rib and might find an image.

Dear domiknitrix,

I think I knit the same shrug/vest.

Yarn for needle 3 mm with needle 4,5 mm, wonderfull! :XX:


I read the pattern and I understand the pattern in the following way:

You have to knit two peaces of this and seam it together, or you have to douple the stiches to cast on. (Not multiply your stich number by two, multiply it by four)

I hope you can understand my Explanation.

If you knit the same, write me so we can help each other.

Elke from germany

Hi Elke,

We are knitting the same shrug. You stated above that it is knit in more than one piece, but it is not. It is knit in one piece and than once the sides are seamed it will lay in a circle, the diagram shows it also.

We can definitely knit it together. What color are you knitting yours?

Domiknitrix, I have just started the same shrug. I had a devil of a time figuring out the mock rib myself, given the instructions posted with the pattern. Then I realized that my swatch was an even number of stitches, so the right side is k1p1… ending in p1, and the instructions are for an odd number of stitches so that the right side is k1p1… ending in k1. The person who wrote the pattern wanted k1’s on each side to make seaming easier.

Doing my swatch, ending in a p1, when I turned the work I had to start with the slip instead of the purl to maintain the pattern: really threw me for a loop. The thing is, on the wrong side, you slip the knits purlwise and purl the purls. I think I knit about 8 inches of swatch before I finally figured it out. :doh:

This is a huge 50+ page thread over at craftster, very popular over there, and an interesting pattern to boot. The pattern itself is here, for those who wonder what the heck we’re talking about.

I am a third of the way into 7 inches of k2p2 rib, 242 stitches. :XX:


I too, had problems in the beginning with the pattern trying to figure out what mock rib was and there are not really clear pictures on the web (at least I haven’t found any).

But, I followed the pattern with no problems once I figured out what the pattern meant with the mock rib (thanks to my knitster here at knittinghelp). Mine is 115 for the mock rib and 230 for k2p2 the rib at the beginning and the end.

I too, looked at crafster, that is where I actually first saw the pattern and I stared at it for a couple weeks and than talked myself into doing it. This is my first wearable garment (except for scarves and socks).

BTW, I tried to go to the link in your reply, but it did not take me there.

Happy knitting - I would love to see your finished shrug.

I am also making this same shrug (Colinette Mohair in Chamois) and am about 6 inches into the mock rib. I have already made one for my toddler and it came out seriously cute! I used an icord to fasten hers.

It is made as one piece and then the sides are seamed. If I have enough yarn, I may add sleeves to mine.

The wrong side of mock rib looks like little smiles to me and the right side looks like ribbing. You do alternate purling with slipping (purlwise) on the entire WS row.

I can’t wait to see pics of FOs!


Sorry about the link, I tried to be too specific I guess!

Try here and scroll down a couple of pages. It’s under the blue box on the right side, the Craftster Circular Shrug.


You made this same shrug for your toddler…do you have a picture? Did you make it from the same pattern?

Your right it does look like smiley faces, I actually like that side better. How do you add sleeves - do I increase the mock rib? I would like to add sleeves to wear one in the fall/winter. :thinking:

I’ll have to dress my little cutie up in hers and get a pic. It will probably look more like a vest on her now. I think she has gone through a growth spurt! I did make it from the same pattern using a really soft wool/cotton blend from Joanns.

I haven’t tried to add sleeves yet, so I’ll let you know how that goes. I started making the Rebecca wrap with sleeves and did one of the sleeves and part of the body. I decided I did not like the body and frogged it and started over with the circular shrug. I think the construction of the body of both is similiar as in no fancy armhole shaping.