Mobius twist

I am trying to knit a mobius and am using an easy pattern, but I can’t get the twist. I use circular needles for all my knitting, so I am comfortable with them, but just can;t get the twist. Can someone please tell me how to do it. I am to twish the first 3 stitches. Thanks in advance. Sheryla

Well, there’s actually a special cast on for mobius so it knits out from the center. It sounds like maybe you’re pattern is a simpler “faux” mobius maybe?

It would help if you’d give us a link to the pattern if possible or at least the name of the pattern. Makes it easier when asking questions.

If it’s not actually mobius knitting which as Jan says, knits from the center out to both edges at the same time, then you just need to put a twist in the sts. You know how they always tell you not to twist the sts when you join them to knit a hat or tube in the round? Well, in this case, line the sts up with no twist and then deliberately introduce a twist into the cast on sts. See the video under Free Videos at the top of the page, Advanced Techniques, Circular knitting. Do as the video shows but before joining the sts, twist the sts once around the right needle.

I had the same issue a few months ago them someone suggested I try twisting the stitches on the right needle and it worked perfectly! Sounds like you might be knitting the same mobius I’m working on.Let me know how it’s going!

The one mobius pattern I saw called for knitting the piece on straight needles like a scarf. It was bound off, then it was twisted and the two ends seamed together. You could probably do this to appear seamless with a provisional cast on. Twist it and join the two live edges together with a kitchener stitch.