Mobius scarf

I’m transfering Arkie’s post on this topic into it’s own thread…

Posted by: Arkie Frannie
Posted: 16 Dec 2004 04:47 pm

Knitting in my area has found new people interested in learning, so I’m brushing up on my skills. Amazing how many websites and patterns are available!

My sister has just gotten a computer AND wants to learn to knit and you will be her first website…

Thanks, I know this takes time away from the wool…

I’m interested in perfectly the splicing/joining of new colors in the middle of a knitted piece and the Russian join sounds just the ticket.

But your kitchener video came a few hours too late for my DH’s neck warmer project. Oh well, next project for sure. I’m trying to design a mobius scarf for my Mom (loves red) with larger needles and a Chinese Waves pattern. Have to figure out how to weave these together with two different sides, hmmm might not be able to do as mobius after all.
I’ll just have to see how it progresses and maybe see about posting a photo when it gets a bit bigger.

thanks again

Welcome Arkie!

The way to do a mobius scarf seamlessly is on one circular needle. Circular needles are very easy to use! Check out the new video, if you’re unfamiliar with them!


Posted by: Arkie Frannie
Posted: 16 Dec 2004 10:32 pm

Thanks Amy and yes I do know how to use the circular needles, love them. But doesn’t a mobius scarf have the half twist and you would have to do a full twist with continuous or am I way off here.


You are correct! And I am totally way off! I thought you could knit a mobius just by twisting the stitch fully around on a circular needle. But you’re right! It creates a full twist of the fabric, not a half twist!

Darn, I’ll have to refilm the video on knitting on a circular needle, because I mention “you’ll end up with a mobius strip” when I tell people not to twist their stitch on the needle! Doh!

I ended up doing it with my muff…but i have no earthly idea how i did…I may have knit a stitch at the connection of the row upside down or something…I was really upset that I had to undo all my progress!

What a coincidence that I just read this thread!
As it happens, I got the book “The Joy of Knitting” by Lisa R Myers out of the library yesterday.
Lo and behold, in this book she explains how it CAN be done, making a Moebius scarf in the round!
I’m not sure about copyright stuff so I won’t quote the book here, but basically there is a way to put in the half-twist and work in the round. It amounts to casting on the stitches, NOT twisting them, and then instead of joining the round as you normally would, you head back to the first cast on stitch and begin picking up an equal number of stitches at the cast-on edge. You need a long circular to do this. Say for instance you want to start by casting on 150 stitches. Do that, and then head back to the beginning and pick up an additional 150 stitches at the cast-on edge. The needle forces itself into a double loop. You mark the beginning and then just knit like a madwoman till it’s big enough, and then bind off. It apparently comes out right. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m going to soon.
If anybody does try this, let us know what happens. This could be an epiphany! :o

Check out this website. The instructions are on circular needles.

Back in my early “surf the net for knitting patterns” day, I found these sites that I bookmarked, because I love Mobius. Here’s a couple more links to knitting this wonderful little quirky loop:



Hi Amy and all,
Here I am posting a reply before even introducing myself! I just got turned on to this great site while on my usual forum (cyca) I am a long time knitter who knits all the time!!!
I have knit a mobius, a few years ago so some of the detail escape me but…I did use the cast on method where you cast on and then cast on again in the same stitches. It was tricky and took a few knitters to get it right. It does indeed twist your circulars around on themselves and is very tight knitting for the first several rows…I knit to where I guessed was the half way point of the width and did a drop st. lace in hopes of ‘opening’ up the look of the finished scarf. I really wasn’t sure if the whole thisng was working or if I was just knitting a huge knot until I had it at least half way bound off!! It did work though and the drop lace did just what I’d hoped. I was pretty proud of myself even if I did need help for the only really tricky part. I believe I cast on about 150 sts in a medium weight yarn on average (say size 7-8 needles) and find that the scarf is a little to short, in fact I have never really found a way to wear it that shows that is is really any different from any scarf wrapped around your neck. Perhaps if it were a few inches longer the drap and twist would show to better advantage. So, that is my experience with the mobius! By the way my mobius,which is knit in a lovely copper color in a silky yarn, has been for sale at a very nice store that carries only hand made art and crafts, for over two years and has not sold, perhaps the length thing I mentioned but perhaps it is more fun to knit than to wear… Alice

Wow, I can’t believe it’s possible to knit a mobius on circular needles! :shock: I pondered this question, and couldn’t imagine how to do it! Thanks Yvonne, MaggieL, and Beldaraan, for sharing those instructions. I can’t wait to try making one! (Hmmmm, perhaps a video on this is in the future…although it would have to be on the DVD, full projects tend to be too big for the website.)

I’m glad to get replies to this thread. I sort of felt like I was talking to myself, posting Arkie’s posts for her! (Me and my imaginary friend, LOL.) :lol:

Welcome Alice!


Hi, I am trying to knit a moebius scarf and have read the moebius cast on with circular needles a few times and doesn’t seem to be able to visualize thus understand how to do it. Amy, you’ve mentioned in the thread that there is a video? I can’t seem to find it in the site. Thanks!

In addition to the cast ons mentioned, there’s another way to do it which I found isn’t as tight, and I found that’s much easier. It’s by Cat Bordhi in her two Treasury of Magical Knitting books. An explanation, along with a pattern is also on a Knitty Gritty show in this thread…

Basically, you make a crossover with a circular needle (36" or longer) and do a sort of figure 8 cast on.


Thanks Sue!