mmmMalabrigo Winter Set--Pics Fixed! Feast on the MMMMmm!

Voila! Finished just in time for a birthday for…ME! With two lovely hanks of Malabrigo Oceanos I’ve knit:

A scrunchable scarf–it started out as My So Called but I wasn’t feeling it. I wish I had a fancier scarf to show off the yarn, but Scrunchable is always a good go-to. It’s nice and long, all the better to smooooosh up to my face to bask in the softness. :hug:

A pair of Fetching–eh, I don’t know why I did this. I knew the cables wouldn’t show up, and they don’t. And I’m not into fingerless mitts, etc. I don’t wear them, they seem pointless to me. But I felt the need to make Fetchin so–oh well, I’ll wear them since they’re Malabrigo :teehee: . I gotta say though, not a big fan of the Picot bind-off for this, makes the edges roll up too much.

And finally–my favorite–Calorimetry! I love this, it’s ridiculously warm. I altered the pattern, as I gather many did. As written the pattern makes a rather unnecessarily monster-sized headband (and this coming from a girl with a gigantic melon, who can’t wear store bought hats). So, I only cast on 84ish stitches, and I only repeated the short-wrap rows 9 times (instead of 15). I’m quite pleased with it!

And oh yes–Calorimetry took me about one hour to knit, start to finish. Such a fun quick knit! I’m really surprised by how much I like it and the fact that I’ll probably even wear it.

So…even though I almost never wear gloves, NEVER wear scarves, and NEVER EVER wear headgear–I will absolutely be wearing each of these items tomorrow. If only to dwell in the glory of Malabrigo. (Besides, I think our “high” tomorrow is like 10 degrees).

(This was my first experience knitting with the mmmmM–I want MORE!)

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Oh No!!!

Can’t see the pictures :pout:

I dont see any pretty Mmmmmm :pout:

I think the pics should be visible now!

They look wonderful - I’m in love with the color!

I love that last picture, it had me giggling! :rofl:


Love, love, love 'em! Look so great and yummy. Enjoy!

They all look fabulous! Stay warm. :wink:

I wore everything to work today…so toasty!

Very Pretty!

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM they look YUMMY!!! :drool: :inlove: :drool: :inlove: :drool: I can’t wait to start something with my MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMalabrigo!!!

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Mmmmmmm is right. Great job! They all look so pretty.

Oooooh, pretty! Great job!

FABULOUS!!! And I can see the fetching cables!!!

:heart: :heart: :heart:
The headband. Let us know if it washes well and if it will actually keep your hair of your face~!

Well it’s 100% wool so I wouldn’t wash/dry it…but it soaks fine. It’s more of an ear-warmer than a headband. It keeps them toasty warm, and I usually wear it with my hair up outside. But on the occasions I’ve worn my hair down, it has kept my hair back quite nicely!

[color=indigo]Great work! :cheering: Blue is my favorite color, and the more blues the merrier. Which Malabrigo yarn is that?


It’s the standard worsted, colorway is called Oceanos. Blue is my number one favorite color…and I love it in almost every iteration. So this colorway was fun! There were a few other blue and blue/purple ones that I vacillated between…

Very Pretty! I can see the cables too, and I :heart: that colorway. I can’t wait till I can try some Malabrigo…gotta talk to my husband about what I’d like for Valentines day!