MMMMalabrigo and Manos del Uruguay

Are they the same thing, just depends on where you buy them (LYS versus eBay?)…or was it handpaintedyarn somethingerother on eBay that is the same as MMMMMalabrigo?

I believe Manos is a different brand. Similar yarn, though. I can’t say how soft it is, I’ve only felt the Malabrigo.

It looks like the Manos is a bit heavier.

pssssssssst…they LYS’s in Omaha have both! :wink: :thumbsup:

they are not the same thing though. Malabrigo is a lot softer.

i got your PM btw and forgot to reply (i am very easily distracted it seems)…tell your friend you want to do the LYS crawl in Omaha on Saturday! there are two great ones within blocks of each other. the other is in Benson (midtown Omaha if you don’t know) and nice but not my favorite even though she did teach me…just not as much stock.

The Manos colorways are stunning, I mean gobsmackingly gorgeous, but it’s too scratchy for my taste. Mmmmmalabrigo, on the other hand, is soooo soft whenever I bring home a new hank I want to pet it for hours. :roflhard:

yeah there would be the cause of pilling fibers at Julie’s house! :rofling:


There’s a Cold Stone Creamery in the same shopping plaza as Purls! so if all else fails…there is always the ICE CREAM!!! :thumbsup:

they are absolutely stunning arent they. i feel like im floating when i look at those saturated lovely colors on the site.

does anyone know of good things to make with scratchy yarn? not felted.

Geez, you guys think Manos is scratchy?

Hmmm, I must obtain some of this Malabrigo so I too can become jaded! :smiley:

This Saturday? LYS crawl? Want to have a tag along? I will be in town this weekend :slight_smile:

ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh!

I think one night we’re going for sushi, and maybe Indian Oven for lunch on Saturday. And maybe cruise Whole Foods Market for samples. :rofling:

I have to get my oil changed in Council Bluffs at 10am but should be back across the river by 11:30-ish i would think. So i should be free after that!

Manos, Malabrigo, there all mmmmmmmmmmmgood to me. WHen I win the lottery I will only knit with Manos verigated. or Malabrigo, whatever I can get my hands on. :heart: :heart: :heart:

Hey GM,

Manos is “just wool” and Malabrigo is a merino. So the Malabrigo is softer. From my experience Manos is a little thicker.

BUT Manos cotton is very soft.

Oh yes, Manos Cotton Stria :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

I want the Manos so bad to do an Einstein coat. My lys has lots of it and I’ve always thought it was extremely soft, nothing scratchy about that yarn at all. I’d actually prefer an outer garment to be a little heavier. I believe the Malabrigo has a bigger yard count… I wish someone would put Manos on sale already.
It’s $12.95 where I see it.

14 if you want colorways

i went to a different yarn store today adn they had the manos in the colorway i wanted so i bought 3 skeins. i seriously dont have the money, but i couldnt pass on it! ive been drooling voer this stuff online for months!

started my so called scarf and its as beautiful as i could have ever hoped.

and kristi, i agree that its pretty darn soft for wool. personally i dont know how people knit with noro brand. makes me itch just thinking about it!

link to my favorite colorway by manos

I bought merino from ebay that I have heard compares to Malabrigo. I have not had the opportunity to fondle the Malabrigo, so I can’t confirm this. I bought it from 100purewool and it comes from Uruguay. Shipping is not speedy, but reasonable if you are ordering more than one skein. It took about 15 business days to receive. It averaged out to $10/skein with 215 yards. I ordered the Madagascar colorway and am very pleased with it. I made a Karabella wrap with sleeves. It is sooooooo soft. I am definitely going to order more once I decide what to make.

If I find Malabrigo in Brown Berries on sale somewhere I am going to try it. I think someone was making an Einstein coat with it and posted a pic of the yarn.



I’ve bought from 100purewool before. It takes a while cuz mine actually came straight from Uraguay. Nice colors, soft and yummy.

100purewool is wonderful – it is definitely as soft as Malabrigo. A touch lighter, but every bit as yummy. If the shipping weren’t so outrageous, I’d have a lot more of it! :inlove: