Mmmm Joe Morelli OR Ranger?!?!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Those that read the Janet Evanovich books based on charactor Stephanie Plum [I]know[/I] what I’m talking about!!![/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Me oh boy I would have to go with Joe Morelli:flirt:.[/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I got Lean Mean Thirteen this weekend and can’t wait to start. Which will be a little bit since I’m currently reading Harry Potters again.[/FONT]

I haven’t kept up since eight or nine, but I was always a Morelli girl. :inlove:
I’m so far behind in my reading, it’s just sad. :cry:

After you read #13 you might change your mind.:drool::wink::teehee:

I got the book on tape and listen to it in the car. It is good. I won’t tell anything, but I really hated getting out of my car.

Ranger is HOT… maybe I just like bad boys.

OMG, Ranger all the way!!!

I work with about 100 Morelli’s. :lol: Ranger’s my guy.

I’ve heard people say they would want the Rock to play Ranger if the books were ever made into a movie. I’m thinking Morelli could be played Colin Farrell.

Ohh now I can’t wait to start book 13!!!

I’m not a big fan of Rock but I hope they make a movie soon!!!

I even had my Husband read these books, he got tired of me LOL all the time!

He says he’s Joe Morelli haha

If you liked these books you’d probably like the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series.

I am a Morelli girl as well, actually I like them both. :roflhard:

I haven’t read her books in awhile as well. I think I left off at #10 but I am not sure. I just bought #13. With things the way they are going at my house, I am lucky to watch 15 minutes of TV without falling asleep.

Ranger all the way! I cant wait to start #13!!

So Ranger! :thud:

I just got 13 today & I can’t wait to start, yet here I sit reading & practicing my knitting…but since I screwed up about 5 rows ago…I believe that I will be starting all over again…grrrr:gah:


I’m actually making myself take a break from kntting just to read hahaha. I will have to start book 13 as soon (or maybe during ) the time I read Harry Potter books

I just got #12. DH is reading it first.

Definitely have to go with Ranger. He lets Stephanie do what she wants and cleans up the mess afterwards, as where Joe is a wuss and is always telling her she can’t do this or that. I get the impression that he’d rather keep her barefoot and pregnant, which isn’t her style at all.

I’ll agree with all that. Plus, I don’t like my fiction being too real. Marrying Morelli and having babies is so BORING! lol

I’ve read them all except the latest one…can’t wait to read that one! I like them both so it’s a tough call… if I had to I guess I’d say Morelli, but Ranger has something about him, too… :think:

Um…both :teehee: But if I had to pick, I’d say Ranger.

I ordered #13 from Amazon yesterday. I can’t wait to read it.

[SIZE=5][COLOR=Magenta]RANGER!!! [SIZE=2][COLOR=Black]:heart: Hands down! (and around…and over…and, hm, gotta quit this line of thought)[/COLOR][/SIZE]

:heart: Ranger!!
have read all Galbaldon’s books wow :star::star::star:

I have to agree!! Both are very hot!!