MMmm I mmmm know mmmm what you are mmmm talking about mmmm now!

I keep reading all these threads about malabrigo yarn and how yummmmmmy it is. I finally found some today at my LYS. It was in the bottom bin in a corner. I felt it before I knew what it was and mmmm, it was heaven! I pulled it out and went, “Oh so THIS is what all the fuss is over!” I also found some SWTC 100% bamboo that was also quite yummy (again in the bottom bin in an out of the way place.) I can only assume that my LYS owner loves this yarn so much that she doesn’t want us shoppers to find it so she can have it all to herself.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have a very wide color selection of either, but I’m in the know now! MMmmmmmmMMMMM

We KHers should get royalties for promoting Mmmmm yarn, don’t ya think?:think::teehee:

completly mmmmmmmm
i L-O-V-E love :heart: my malabrigo! it should be named buenabrigio :teehee:

Seriously! Me and a couple other KHers from Austin all went to the same LYS today at different times and all bought Malbrigo for the first time today!

Another one lured over to the dark side. MUHAHAHAHAHA! (that was an evil laugh, by the way). :yay::yay::yay:

warning…warning it is addictive… :eyes:


Store name plz? :mrgreen: (lives in Waco…may be heading that way shortly)

I want some malabrigo…
[COLOR=“Gray”][SIZE=“1”]must convince mom to get me it[/SIZE][/COLOR]

My LYS is waiting to get Mmmm… not here yet :frowning:

The LYS with Malabrigo is Hill Country Weavers. It is wall to wall yarn! And they ball it for you for FREE! It’s on South Congress in a little yellow converted house. The people there are super nice! And they have tons of patterns that they just GIVE away!

AAAAAAAACK! Thats the one I am just DYING DYING DYING to go to!

OK, I’m getting really envious of all of you that have multiple stores to go shop at. I have ONE store that isn’t a big box craft store. The two other stores are an hour and a half away. If it weren’t for the internet I’d have a hard time buying yarn. And that’s hard enough, because I can’t touch it and scrunch it and hold it and smell it (yes; I smell yarn). So that’s why I never got the whole Malabrigo thing! Waaah! I want to move to a real city with real stores!

You are not the only one. I have a couple of yarn stores, but they are in Cornwall, England, and neither have ever heard of Malabrigo. I really want to touch this yarn, and have no way of trying it before I buy it. I tend to be very allergic to many fibers, and would like to know if this is one of them I can knit with. Right now I am limited to cotton, and some wool blends. Anyone know where I can buy this yarn on-line, and if I have problems with it, be able to send it back and get my money back?

future court reporter
loving England

I’m thinking at some point we are going to discover that malabrigo is made with crack! I seriously had a week of withdrawl after I bought a bunch in the K2P2 sale. My body seemed to feel that I should continue to buy that much every week!

You can get it from, in Bristol … I’m sure if you don’t like it/can’t work with it that you would be able to sell it on to another knitter NO PROBLEM!!!

i’m sooo jealous :pout: ever since i saw my first malabrigo post i’ve wanted to try some, but my mom doesnt like driving me 25 minutes to one of my LYS’s so i have to wait until i go to get my christmas yarn- i dont even know if my LYS even has any!

I smell yarn too!

MsMelody, order swatches! You could run your fingers through them or rub them against your skin and see what happens. Then you are only out a dollar or two rather than $10 or more. Or would that be pounds since your in England! :smiley:

I have been casting on with my Mmmmmalabrigo for over an hour. Something will be off…just a tad to my dislike and I frog the whole damn thing. Yum!