MK Make Knot (I don't understand)

I am starting a scarf and was going to use this pattern:

But I don’t understand the main stitch p3tog, yo, p3tog into the same lot. I have to end up with 3 stitches for every knot to keep the same # of st. I think this is a British website.

Could someone try to explain this to me?

Maybe I ought to pick another pattern?


I think the writer is Japanese, actually. But here’s what you do:

You’re right, you have to keep the same number of sts. So you purl 3 sts together, which gives you 1 loop on the right needle. The trick is that you don’t take the 3 sts you purled together off of the left needle-- it’s kind of like you didn’t finish what you were doing. Now, bring the yarn over the right needle once (there is a video on this site for Yarn Over-- very simple to do). That’s your 2nd loop. Now, here’s why you left those 3 purled together sts on your left needle: you are again going to purl into those 3 original sts together. This gives you your 3rd loop and now you take off the 3 original purled sts off of the left needle. If you really like the pattern, then I’d go ahead and use it. I personally don’t like knitting or purling 3 sts together-- it’s tight to work the needle into them, and when you have to do it to all the sts on every other row for an entire scarf, well, that would drive me nuts. But if you like it, then make the scarf. If you decide not to, there are plenty of free scarf patterns on

Thanks Sandy that makes sense to me. I’ll try it and if it’s too much of a pain then I’ll just find another pattern.

Did you ever make the scarf? I just saw the pattern is it looks terrific but I thought I’d get your opinion.

This thread is 3 yrs old and the original posters are no longer active. There are 410 projects for it on Ravelry if you’d like to see what it looks like and find out any issues.

That’s an attractive scarf! I was thinking that it would be easier to crochet, but I find that crochet fabric is never as soft as knitting somehow, and after viewing the scarf on Ravelry, I can see there are diagonals in the fabric. Lovely - I just downloaded the PDF, will want to try this one!

Thanks Jan in CA! (from Freezy Di in Canada)

To make crochet softer, go up a couple hooks sizes. Using the same size hook as a needle on the same yarn makes it stiffer and rougher.