Mixing quality yarn w/cheaper yarn

[FONT=“Arial Narrow”][COLOR=“Magenta”]Hi all…I started this question somewhere,and it poofed on me,so if you find it pls. let me know.
I have 4skeins of a pretty blue yarn from Lion brand. I’ve been told that it’s a ‘cheapie’,and that the Chenile will ‘grow’ twice what you make it once it’s done. I really am not that brave to knit my heart out for two months,and have it be ugly…so I thought what I would do is combine it with a quality cotton yarn,knit it double,and use up my quality extra and make a nice coverlet…Question is can you combine a cotton quality yarn,with a not so quality (so says my knitting class) and have it come out well?cloud9I’m hopefull that I can use this for a good,and satisfying project,have it look good,and be of some use.
The chenile is called 'thick and quick prints/lion brand/91%acrylic 9% rayon.
the cotton would be 100% cotton
thanks abunch~wholycow;o)[/COLOR][/FONT]

Just my two cents, but I would not combine a cotton yarn with the chenille - I don’t see what you would gain by doing that. I typically only double knit if I am trying to create a color combo or knit a blanket or scarf a little bulkier. I don’t combine fibers though - if I double knit it is either all cotton, all wool or all acrylic.

The chenille is a bulky yarn and IMHO makes comfy coverlets, scarf, hats etc. There are many people who don’t like Lion Brand and other acrylic yarns, but they are great for learning to knit.

No that combination would go together well at all. If it’s the regular chenille, not the thick one, the label gauge has it on size 6s or something. It’s a real booger to knit with no matter what, though I think if you double it and use larger needles it could be manageable.

Edit - I meant that combo [B]wouldn’t[/B] go together well.

I’d make a swatch of the combined yarns and see if you like it. If you like the outcome, go with it!