Mixed yarn weight patterns?

Hi all

Has anyone got any ideas/patterns that would use mixed yarn weights? I’ve got a draw full of mixed yarns - both wool and cotton.

I need something to knit (you know how that is!) - but I have no money to buy new yarn for a specific project at the moment - so wondered if anyone had any ideas for using up mixed yarns.

I was thinking about knitting blanket squares so each square was the same dimension - do people think this will work - or is it just crazy talk!?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.


If you make mitered squares it sounds doable. Different yarns would probably require numbers of cast-on stitches so it would make for a lot of ripping out to get them all the same if you just do regular squares. That sounds like:hair: to me. :teehee:

Keep in mind that different yarn types would also have different care instructions, too.

Here’s some mitered square and diagonal square ideas.


Found a scarf pattern, too.

Hi Jan

Thanks so much for the advice - very much appreciated.

You’re what we call in the UK “a little bobby dazzler”!


You’re welcome! Not sure what that is, but it sounds good!:teehee:

somebody’s pretty special :slight_smile: