Mixed up rib stitch

The sweater is looking beautiful, I am just finishing by adding the cowl neck. Somehow I tripped up my rib stitch pattern and I can’t seem to fix it. It is just k1 P1 and then purl next row, back and forth. I have tried fixing it, but each time it doesn’t look right.

I cant post a picture right now but if this is confusing, I will try to post one later.

I think a photo will help. What pattern are you following?

It’s ok, I realized what I was doing wrong, I ripped out all the collar part and then marked the one stitch each time I knit or purled it, so I would know that the marked stitch was the one to start knitting on on the pattern row- everything turned out great! I will post the pics sometime tomorrow when the whole thing is finished. :slight_smile:

Terrific. Love to see a photo.

I am so excited about this, I can’t wait for my nieces to be able to wear them!!

Azel Pullover|1200x675

It’s a little darker than the pictures show, the previous pics were more true to color.

How adorable! You’ve knit this little pullover so nicely.