Mittens: How to adjust pattern for right/left thumbs?

I am knitting fishtail lace fingerless mittens in Magic Loop. They are lace on top and broken ribbed on the bottom. The left one is finished with thumb on the right. So far so good. The pattern runs in the following order:

Section A is ribbed (10 stitches - eventually to increase for thumb)
Sections B, C, D are lace pattern (each section has 10 stitches)
Section E is ribbed (8 stitches)

Now I’m on the right hand mitten. The directions do not tell me how to reverse the pattern so that the thumb ends up on the left side.

I knitted all the way up to where the increase begins and then started my increasing before realizing oops this is another left hand glove!

Can I go back to the row prior to where the increases begin and start increasing on the other side (Section E)?

If I do I assume I move my stitch markers in the appropriate places inbetween Section E and Section D, is that right?

Since Section E has 8 stitches as opposed to the 10 stitches in Section A - I am concerned the glove may look off. Then again, maybe it won’t since the entire back side is broken ribbed.

I assume I can adjust this using the Magic Loop method just fine.

Am I on the right track? Or do I need to start completely over with the second mitten?

Thanks to all who respond with helpful input!

Am I understanding correctly that the back of the hand is ribbed and the palm side is lace? Could you provide a link to the pattern or a picture so we can see?

But from what I can tell, yes, you’re on the right track. Rip back to where you start the increases, then proceed with the thumb gusset moved to the opposite side of the glove.

Sections A and E likely only have different numbers of stitches to make the instructions work out in the clearest fashion. You’d still have the same 18 stitches running across the back of the hand.

Lewister, a clerk at a knitting store printed the instructions out for me a long while back and I did not have the link, but upon seeing your post I googled the name of the mitts along with the designer and alas, I now have it. And guess what else? You are no doubt correct and the following info is at the site along with pics of the mitts. Thanks for pointing me in a most reasonable direction! :slight_smile: Now to the work of unraveling 16 rows…I shall try 3 at a time in the hope I can eventually get back to home without further entanglement, and when I begin again, I’ll insert a nifty life line before moving forward. (saying a little prayer…)

Some knitters have trouble working out the thumb placement for the 2nd wrister - the first increase round should be as follows:

Work the first 39 sts of round according to chart (last st worked will be the last YO of the last fishtail lace repeat), then mk1, place marker, k1, place marker, mk1, work last 8 sts of chart round. You now have the centre thumb stitch (the one that all subsequent increases are made around) marked, which should help!

Great! And now that I see the picture, the mitt makes a little more sense to me. Come back and show them off when you finish!

Thanks Lewister for the help you’ve given - it is very appreciated. I have one more question regarding the mitten pattern which is on free download at this link:

I completed the mitt for the left hand. The instructions at the link are written for the left hand.

Now I am halfway through the mitt for the right hand and I am having to reverse a few things to get the right thumb placement. I finished the increases which are made on both sides of the center stitch of the thumb. I think that worked okay.

Now I am at the part saying “Next row: work 8 sts rib, place next 17 sts on holder (removing stitch markers), cast on 3 sts, work to end of row in pattern.”

That wording applied to the left hand mitt, but it does not exactly work for the right hand mitt. I am using the visual chart to work the pattern so I’m thinking I start Row 2 going “right to left on the chart” and follow pattern until I get to the point I have 37 stitches left to go. At that point I cast on 3 stitches, place the next 17 stitches on holder, then work the remaining 8 stitches in rib. I continue working the rest of the hand section, then go to the thumb last.

Does it sound like I’m on the right track?

I am also doing this using the Magic Loop method - so far, so good. I hope I can put stitches aside on a holder using this method - not sure about that yet. Should I slip my stitches onto 3 DP needles before proceeding?

Again, thanks to anyone generous enough to wade through these complex questions! These are my first mittens.

The 17 stitches you’re slipping are the ones you just increased for the thumb. So wherever those are, that’s where you slip. Then work the ribbing and lace patterns where they are. (And charts are always read right to left unless you’re working flat. Ask me how I know :wink: ) I’m thinking that would mean 8 sts rib, across the lace pattern, place thumb stitches on holder, CO 3, finish across rib.

I always use a piece of scrap yarn for my thumbs, then put them onto my DPNs when it’s time to work them. Putting the needles in now would work, but $10 says they drive you crazy while you finish the body.

Thanks so much Lewister! I think that will work! Good tip on the scrap yarn… I’ll let you know how they turn out - I am not a speedy knitter but hope to get these finished before too much longer.

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