Mitten video - DODYANN

I have to say I loved the premium mitten pattern. The one area that is so so confusing is picking up the 3 thumb stitches. I am not even sure which needle I should be picking them up with. Very much in need of help and I have studied that part of the video. First it says to pick up with new yarn and 4th needle and I am confused HELP

I’m thinking these are the stitches you pick up on the inside of the thumb, right?

Is there a pattern that goes along with the video? That might clarify things for you.

Meanwhile, perhaps someone else on here has bought this pattern/video and can help.

Thank you for responding. Yes I was referring to the picking up of stitches inside the thumb to avoid holes. A pattern did come with it, but only instructed one to be picked up. The video showed 3 being picked up as a better way to secure any possible holes, but even watching the video is very stressful and not very clear. The rest of it was a breeze. I am not sure what to do. Thanks

Hi Dodyan. If you find that part too confusing, it’s perfectly acceptable, and common practice, to pick up just one stitch in the middle of that crux of the thumb area, wherever you like. You will have a gap on either side, which can be later closed up with the end yarn using a yarn needle, as I also demonstrate in the video. Picking up three stitches over the gap, and decreasing two of them on the next round, is an option that I demonstrate in the video, but hardly a requirement.

And yes, I believe I begin the picking up stitches with the fourth needle, which then knits the stitches off the following needle, freeing up the fourth needle once again, which is necessary to continue working.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the pattern. Good luck with that part, I hope this is clear enough for you.