Mitten question on stitch n bitch handbook

I’m bit confused on the directions with the double pointed needles.

on the direction of the book it states

“Remember that garter st in the rnd is alternation on rowp and one row k”

it sounds like a stockingknit stich to me, unless i am mistaken can anyone clarify for me? :wall:

The key phrase is - in the round. When you knit on dpns or circs, you’re not going back and forth like straight needles. So to get garter stitch you have to knit one round and purl the next.


Knitting in the round is different from knitting flat because the same side of the fabric is always facing you. If you knit every stitch, you’ll get stockinette. To get garter stitch, you must knit one round, purl the next and so on. Put a marker at the beginning of the round so you’ll know when to switch from knit to purl or vice versa.

what is the diffrence btwn the garter and stocking knit stitch?

From what i’m reading I’m suppose to alternate knit and purl stitches, which is what the girls are telling me in reply to my post.

Garter stitch is ridged and is more stretchy than stockinette which is smooth on one side and bumpy on the other. Look at the sampler shown here - - that’s stockinette. The baby bibs shown here are in garter stitch -


No, to do stockinette stitch you don’t alternate knit and purl stitches, as in:
You alternate ROWS or ROUNDS of knit and purl stitches, as in:

That’s when you knit flat. When you knit in the round, you just kkkkk every stitch and the stockinette pattern emerges automatically.

so I would just KKKKKKKKKKK as i normally would If i’m working on a simple scarf.