Mitten help

Please help! I am making a pair of mittens in stockinette stitch with 44 stitches on needle. Here’s where the trouble starts. on the 11th row in shaping of the thumb , it states to : knit 27. turn. cast on 1 stitch. p13 (including cast on st). turn; cast on 1 st. k14,***beg with a purl row, work 9 rows in stockinet stitch. I can cast on, but what is all this turning, and which way am i to go? I am really confused.

So, exactly what are you having trouble with? If it is casting on you could simply do a backwards loop or you could try the cable cast-on or knitting on, the videos are here ( just scroll down some.

It sounds like you’re going to be working only a portion of the stitches (the thumb) for a while, then later you’ll go back and work the rest (the finger-part of the mitten). But instead of pulling off the other stitches onto a stitch holder until you need them, you’ll just leave them on the needle while you’re working the thumb.

If you just follow the instructions carefully, step-by-step, it will work out. It should make sense after you try it, I think.