Mitten Help

ok I have been doing fine with making the thumb gusset but the next line I am havung problems with. I know someone on this most awesome site can help me. So here is the next line in the pattern

[B]Next round:[/B] Place next 11 sts on holder. Cast on 1 sts over 11 sts on holder

the sts on a holder no big deal but how do I cast on one stitch over 11 sts on holder. Please help.:wall::shrug::tap::hair:

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]You are going to be knitting in the round minus the sts on the holder. However you need to close up the gap those thumb sts create by CO one st when you reach that.

Just CO one st using either a knitted cast on, cable cast on or backward loop cast on, insert your needle into the next st on the hand, give a tug to snug up all the sts on the needles and continue to knit in the round.

What you are doing is closing up the gap made by the eleven sts on the st holder and continuing to knit in the round to finish the mitten. After you finish the top of the mitten, you’ll go back and put those live sts on needles and knit in the round to finish the thumb.

This tutorial might help.

Thank you I figured that was how I needed to do it but wasn’t sure. I knew someone would be able to tell me for sure. That is why I love this site.

Just wanted to add that the pattern has written the instruction a bit funny. Most mitten patterns just tell you to cast on (1 stitch in your case) and then ignoring the reserved thumb stitches, to continue with the body of the mitten. To phrase it as casting on OVER the reserved thumb stitches is just a little unusual. So it’s not you! Once again, always blame it on the pattern, I say!:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the help. Here are my first ever mittens and I made a second pair already. The pattern is so easy to do. The first pair I made for my daughter and the pattern was for womens size so I just kinda guessed for the size for and I think I did ok. The second pair I made for my son. He likes them and I think my daughter likes hers.