Mitered seed stitch border

The helper needs help! :joy: I’m knitting the Tulip cardigan for my granddaughter and I’m at the borders. The pattern has you knit the bottom border and place those stitches on a holder and cut the yarn. Then you pick up stitches on the right and knit the border then the left and knit the border. It’s in seed stitch, but I’m not happy with the join at the corner. I’d like to pick up all the edges and miter the corners, but I’m not quite sure how to do this in seed stitch so the corner will lay nicely. I could swatch, and I may, but any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

It would depend on the angle you are trying to achieve with the mitered corner. If it’s a 90• angle, an increase before and after the corner stitch every other row should be sufficient for the fabric to lie flat. I’m not sure how the increases would affect the pattern stitch. Try on a swatch to see what works.

Yeah, 90 degrees. That helps. I figure maybe KFB would create the “seed” for the stitch as well? You’re right I need to swatch.

What if you make double increases at the join? That’ll keep you in seed stitch pattern. You could keep a center knit stitch with increases on each side.
You might try the yo increase on either side of the center like this on you swatch to see if you like the look with seed stitch.

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Thanks, Mary Anne. I’ll have to try a couple on a swatch. I’ll post my results. :wink: