Misti Alpaca Chunky

OMG. I just came from the yarn store and was introduced to this unbelieveably soft yarn. I can’t stop touching it! :heart: The only crummy thing is that it cost me $13.80 for 1 skein. :shock: I needed 3 skeins to make a scarf for mom, but I just can’t afford $40 for 3 skeins.

Am I cheap?? :blush:

Does anyone know where I can buy this online for a bit cheaper??

You have ebay but lots of baby alpaca yarns are nice.

The chunkier the alpaca yarn, the more fibers float around. If this bothers you, keep it in the feezer.

Don’t know about finding it cheaper, but I LOVE Misti Alpaca. I have knit several projects using various weights.

One thing about the chunky is that it has a lot of loft, so it knits “down”–not like a real chunky yarn. When I made a scarf, I put a knit-along yarn (Online Punta) with it and made the fringe really long in the Punta. The scarf is one of my favorites!! Sooooo sooooofffffftttttttt.


What color did you buy?

Huh? What does that mean?? :??

What does ‘lot of loft’ mean? I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by it knits ‘down’.

Is it not a good yarn to just knit by itself? I’d hate to have to buy more yarn after I spent so much on just one skein. I mean I love my mom, but I have to draw the line somewhere… :teehee:

Loft meaning the strand itself “looks” big, but is really fluffy so to speak. I have a few skeins of this very yarn that I made Chunky Ruffles and Ribs Scarf because the scarf was done up and on display at a shop I visit. The rib pattern makes it so SCWOOSHY.
I think by “knits down” meaning it sort of collapses as it’s entertwining with itself. It’s GREAT yarn!!! LOVE IT!!!

When you put the yarn in the freezer, it hardens a touch (just enought to keep them from flying) so they will not be in your face.

Okay, again, :oops: I’m sorry for being brickheaded but what do you mean by it not being in my face? You mean it’ll come off or “Shed” if you will, like chenille does on your clothes as you knit it up?

How long do I keep it in the freezer? And do I put it in there right before I knit with it??

:wall: So many questions…

When using bulky baby alpaca, little fibers come out as you knit and get on your clothes and in your face. I put mine in a quart zipper baggy and leave it in the freezer untill I am ready to knit. That might be overkill but it worked.

Freyja, you’re a god-send. Thank you so much for all of your help tonight. I’m so excited to start a boring scarf. xxx I’ve never spent so much money for yarn before, so I’m a bit scared of what it’ll look like. But it is so wonderful feeling I just can’t wait. :woot:

Check out Misti Alpaca’s website. I saw two items (a hat and a scarf) you could make with a single hank. The scarf pattern is free:


And by the way: I, like you, was seduced by its softness at the yarn store. It feels wonderful!

I used mine to make the Anthropologie Capelet. It feels so yummy on my shoulders!

The more I keep feeling this yarn the more I’m breaking down to sucking it up and buying the other two hanks. :shrug: I’m quite fickle sometimes. All I have to do is keep telling myself how much I love it and I end up buying it. :rofling:

My poor hubby, he’s not going to like it, but then again, he drove me there to begin with!! So you see, it’s really his fault :roflhard:

Any way I can justify it without it being my fault is fine with me… :flirt: