Mismatching Needle Tips!

I just got my set of “size 7” Options needle tips in the mail today and I was so excited to start knitting with them because I love my Harmony tips so much but they aren’t so good on cotton (for me anyway, I knit too tightly). So I rip open the package with animal ferocity and eagerly take the little envelope with the tips out and immediately say “wha??” :zombie:

They’re noticibly different sizes! How disappointing! I tried to take a picture to share but the glare off their fabulous shiny surface made the difference hard to see. One looks like a seven and one looks like a ten or so. I don’t have a needle sizer so I’m borrowing a friend’s tomorrow (I know, I know, they’re like $1.50 but I just never picked one up) and once I know what sizes I [I]did [/I]get I’m going to contact Knitpicks. It shouldn’t be a problem to get the right size sent, should it?

It shouldnt be a problem at all. I offered to send a picture of my broken cord, and they told me not to worry, just sent two new ones in a hurry!

They have great customer service to go hand in hand with their wonderful needles.

Doesn’t it make you wonder how something like that could be missed in the packaging? :??

Monday morning or Friday evening (or the equivalent in India) :slight_smile:

Oh my, what a bummer! I just had them replace a set of size 9 Harmony tips for me. One of mine had a splinter and the yarn kept snagging on it. I took a piece of fine grit sandpaper to try and get it out but I guess it was too deep b/c I ended up with a point like a sharpened pencil and it was still snagging. I just called and was sent a new sent right out.

Not a clue!