Minus 26 degrees

This morning the thermometer read [COLOR=red]MINUS[/COLOR] 26 DEGREES!!!

Recording breaking!!! The dogs would not set foot off the porch. Luckily I have boots for both dogs, so we came insie, I put the boots on and they went off the porch long enough to to take care of business then high tailed it back into the house.

It’s so cold it hurts.

Yeebies! Got down to 7 here last night and sounds like we were fortunate!
You can’t possibly go out in that, can you?

We got to -9 this morning. Yuck. Our pup stops walking in the cold/snow when it’s this cold, she takes a few steps and then lifts up one paw at a time cause it hurts so badly. Poor kid. We went right out and got her some Muttlucks and they work like a charm. :thumbsup:

LOVE Muttlucks! My old english sheepdog has had a couple pair. Right now we are using a set of Cabelas neoprene sole hunting boots for him. Unfortunately the maltese has too small feet for mutluck but I do have a nice set of zip up boots for him.

Oooo, those sound awfully nice!! I’ll have to check them out.

Yikes! Stay warm up there!

Did you see The Yarn Harlot’s last post? Minus 22 degrees C in Toronto on Friday, and the power went out!

It is freezzing. Yesterday, I had to go out to Baby Shower, and once I stepped outside, I was shivering and trembling. It was just ridiculously cold. :achoo:

With the subzero temps so many on the mainland are experiencing, I had to laugh at church today – they were commenting how it was “freezing” this morning. It was a whooping 59 degrees when I got up at 5:30a.

My friends in New England are all thankful it warmed up enough to snow.

Here in southwestern Idaho, it’s not unheard of for the temperature to go below zero in the winter, but it’s pretty unusual. 15 to 20 is usually the coldest it gets in the winter and that’s bad enough. Years ago, we had a record breaking cold snap where for about a week it didn’t get above zero, and was down to -20 at night. I can’t imagine what it’s like to deal with that every winter. It’s not good when you go outside, inhale, and your nostrils freeze.

technically we are on about 3 deg Celcius here today and that’s cold enough. The wind takes it down to minus numebrs though! We have been having - 2 quite regularly though. My house is old and rickety - no double glazing or uPVC windows, limited insulation and small radiators. I love my hot water bottle!
-26 would cripple! stay warm and be careful.

We reached a new low over the weekend of -29. But today it’s a roasting 0 and i’m loving it!!

WOW. I can’t even imagine how that feels!!

We think its dangerously cold if it gets below twenty :teehee:

Stay warm everyone!! I loved hearing about doggie boots-how great is that!

We just moved to West Virginia from Alabama. I’ve never seen below 30 much before, so this has been quite a shock. I never thought I’d see a day like today where I went outside into 22 degree weather and remarked how good it felt! (Although my ankles got cold wading through the nearly 6 inches of snow on the ground!)

Terrible storms here in the UK, Ireland, Brittony and France…


My favorite bit is:

Sea State Very high, occasionally phenomenal later.

Occasionally phenomenal? Oooh. I don’t know what that means, but it doesn’t sound like a good night to be on the sea.