Mini Sock FO's and my first Malabrigo WIP

I have knitted 3 mini socks - They were fun, but I don’t recommend using RHSS if you are a tight knitter and are using little needles! My fingers were very sore! (I used that for the red & white stocking) I used Bernat Satin for the other two - much easier!

I finally bought some Malabrigo - it is just scrumptious! I am making a scarf for my DD and her roomate for Christmas. The first one I started using the Malabrigo worsted in Verde Adriana. I am using a pattern I found on a dishcloth site, lol - called Yarn Over Cable Cloth

I haven’t decided what pattern to use for the other scarf, but I love the pretty blue color. It is called Tuaree. Unfortunately the picture is a bit fuzzy, but the point was to capture the color anyhow!

Nice work! :slight_smile: The stockings are adorable, and I love the scarf! Your dd and her roommate are very lucky girls! :slight_smile:

Your socks are so cute:yay:Don’t you just LOVE Malabrigo Yarn:muah:The scarf is looking beautiful :cheering:I have used for scarves myself and love it.

You should post your socks over in the Charity section also!!!:slight_smile:

Cute socks! I agree with the RHSS assessment. It kills my hands…like knitting with sandpaper. There are better choices.

I bought my first malabrigo, but haven’t knit with it yet. I’m going to test it on my super sensitive skin because I’d really love to make a wool sweater.

Love your color choices!

I do alot of knitting/crocheting with RHSS for making HAP rectangles, but that is done on larger needles…I can tolerate that, but never again smaller than a size 8! I hope you have luck with the malabrigo - it is just such a pleasure to work with!!

Stockings are very cute!! Love the color of the Malabrigo…Great job :thumbsup:

Cute stockings and I love your Malabrigo colors!

Sweet little stocking thingies! Cute as can be!

I love the green scarf so far!

And the blue yarn…yum! :thumbsup:

Cute stockins. I keep thinking I’ll make them someday and I never do. Yummy Malabrigo :drool: Anything you make will look nice

Starting small with the mini stockings! I hope to make big ones for the kids…maybe for next Christmas! So, they will have them done when they have kids of their own, lol!:teehee:

Great work on the stockings and the scarf! Thank you also for posting that dishcloth website. It’s a treasure with so many ideas for scarves, baby blankets, etc.