Mini Project Card

I dislike carrying big sheets with my pattern on it while I am working on a project. It just always get scrunched and messy and is so big. So awhile ago I started creating a mini-project-cards. They vary in size depending on the complexity of the project. My smallest one was the size of a business card. Anyways, I type up a condensed version of the instructions, cut it out and then laminate it so that it is sturdier. I also punch a hole in it so I can pin it to my project if I want.

Below is a pic (front and back) of one I used for a Diamond Baby Blanket – this pattern was fairly complex so the card is the biggest one I’ve made so far.

OK, so that’s what I do. How do other people cart around their patterns?

that is awesome!!! I usually just end up with a very wrinkled pattern in my knitting bag…lol…but now ya got me thinking…

I don’t like dragging around patterns either, so, before I start a project I’ll turn my patterns and charts into abbreviated text and print it out on 3"x5" index cards that I keep in the clear plastic pocket of my accessory case.

Really basic repeats, I’ll just hand write on a card and go!

Hey what a great idea. My patterns always get all crumbled up also. I have them in plastic sleeves but they still get wrinkled.

Super idea! I do something similar, but never thought of laminating them. Thanks!

Great idea! How did you do the chart? In Excel? Love the idea of laminating too! Thanks for posting it.

[I]chrislt8 [/I]-- I just make the mini-chart in MSWord – for the one above I used the Table function to line up similar sections of the pattern.

I think this is a great idea.

I could see doing up a card for my favourite generic sock pattern and my slipper pattern. Its a great idea!

I usually let them get scrunched up too, but when I do laminate them (occasionally), I’m glad that I did. Your way of doing it looks very handy!

What a nice idea! I have laminated certain things, like the symbols key for cables charts, etc.

But, to create a mini-project card…how cool is that!

Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:

If the pattern is small or if I’m working on only one section, or the pattern is just a few rows that are repeated I like to copy it into the “notes” section of my sidekick.
When I plan to go to a yarn store I like to copy pattern notes into my sidekick as well (yardage, gauge, yarn substitutes, etc) so I know what I’m looking for. The ladies at the yarn stores get a hit out of this use of technology.

Once a project starts getting bigger I stop taking it outside and only work on it at home. That saves me the trouble of finding a big enough bag to fit all the yarn, having to take the pattern (or book) with me, and lugging it all around.

Ohhhh I feel ya on that! I always have a “to go” knitting bag with two WIP scarves. One can be knit while conversing with others…the other one must be knit while “alone”.

Yeah, there are certain WIP’s that just don’t get to go bye-bye in the car! :teehee: They are my couch potatoes! :teehee:

i love that! i usually photocopy the page and draw all over it, fold it, put it in my pocket, purse, etc. i change it as i go and then chuck it when im done. LOL

Cool idea!:thumbsup:

I usually just make a copy and fold it to fit in my sock bag or put it in a sleeve.

Off to try your idea. Thanks for sharing.