Mini christmas stocking pattern

Im looking for a mini christmas stocking pattern like this-

I love the shape of these ones but the pattern is too hard for me
-blushes- they are going to be for the children that come to my wedding (which is this year) im going to knit some of these (hopefully) and put sweets in them as favours and we are having a christmas themed wedding.
Just need a easy pattern!
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

This is for a mini sock, but I don’t see why you couldn’t call it a Christmas stocking. I’ve done it in red with fuzzy white at the top, and put on Christmas presents.

Do you need it to be knit flat or in the round? Here are several.

Here’s my pattern which is knit in the round on 2 circs. :teehee:

Here’s one that’s knit flat

This one is in the round