Mini Christmas Stocking Heel Help Please

Hi, I’m trying to knit a Mini Christmas stocking. It’s knit flat with two needles and I’ve done the leg part and up to the heel. I started with 27 stitches on my needle and then followed this pattern:

1st row (RS) – K7 C1, K13 C2, turn.
Do not break off C1.
Using C2 only, 2nd row – Sll 1, P12, turn.
3rd row – Sl 1, K11, turn.
4th row – Sl 1, P10, turn.
5th row – Sl 1, K9, turn.
6th row – Sl 1, P8, turn.
7th row – Sl 1, K7, turn.
8th row – Sl 1, P6, turn.
9th row – Sl 1, K5, turn.
10th row – Sl 1, P4, turn.
11th row – Sl 1, K3, turn.
12th row – Sl 1, P2, turn.
13th row – Sl 1, K1, turn.

Now I’ve turned my work and the next step asks me to:
Slip 7 sts in C3 from right-hand needle back
onto left-hand needle.

But I seem to be in the middle of my heel and I’ve got 13 stitches on my right needle not 7. The pattern then goes on to ask me to knit but I’m on the purl side not the knit side. I’m hoping someone can help me and tell me where I’ve gone wrong. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum!
What is the name of your pattern?

It seems to me that you need to slip the 7 sts in C3 from the right hand needle to the left before you make the turn in row 13.
Are you then to use C1 again to continue the foot of the sock?