Mill Ends?


Could someone please explain what this expression means?

I’ve never come across it in the UK and have been wondering if it means the last production run of a particular shade or dye lot or is the yarn slightly damaged or changed in some way?

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My understanding is that is the last of the yarn on a cone from a commercial fabric mill. The amount left on the cone will vary in yardage. There is a British company that sells mill ends.


Thanks very much indeed for the info and for that very useful link.:slight_smile:


Here’s a definition of mill ends from twojunemoons, which sells batches of mill ends from excellent companies on ebay. This auction was for 1530 yards (1 pound 2 oz.) of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn; the price was just under $20 US.

[B][COLOR=#000000]“Mill ends are the end runs of a lot. They are not labeled with color or dye number and are sometimes several skeins tagged together.
Other than that, these are first quality yarns.”

hmm I may have to start searching for mills end yarn now to save some money.

Interesting phrase to me, too. How about ‘mill beginnings’…any difference between it and mill ends…?