Mill ends

exactly what are they?

What is left on giant cones of yarns used in commercial knitting factories. :slight_smile:

I got some today, baby…I’m very excited :thumbsup:

I buy it in 1 lb bags at work quite frequently, and my best friend will go right to spinrite to get it… it’s the ends of a mill run of yarn. Any factory will deliberately make an over-run of the product they produce. That way any errors or poor quality items can be removed from the production run, and there will still be enough left to fill the order. The amount left-over from a mill run of yarn will be sold as mill ends… usually by the ounce or by the pound. It’s frequently a great way to get some excellent yarn at a deeply discounted price — just ask anyone that goes to Spinrite in August! :thumbsup:

cool, thanks guys. I’ve seen yarn before that I really liked and wanted to order it but wasn’t exactly sure what mill ends were–I was envisioning tiny slivers of yarn that they had somehow spun back together! LOL–silly me!

Occasionally you will get a “bad batch” of yarn that has a lot of knots and such in it… those are usually sold as “tangles” though. And yes… that’s what you get, a big mess of yarn that you need to untangle. You can get some pretty good deals that way though. I have a ton of sport cotton that I got from a friend when I wasn’t able to get sportweight cotton yarn locally. It’s all white, so perhaps I should try my hand at dying it… I never did use it for anything!! :oops: :roflhard:

I just ordered a cone of lovely Brown Sheep yarn from this store on Ebay; it was a mill end…I can’t wait to get it :happydance: :happydance: