I’ve seen milk listed as a % in some yarns. Is this made from milkweed or is it something else? I can’t imagine how it could be from cow’s milk so someone enlighten me please.

I just did a quick google and found this so I think they mean milk as in the drink. Very interesting if I do say so myself!

Yes, it is milk as in MOOOO.

Milk weed fiber is a baste fiber made from the stalks (also very nice to work with!)

They are based on casein - the protein in milk, as is the fiber, I suppose. They are said to be warm to the touch when knitting with them.

I still don’t see how you can turn a liquid into a solid. When I get more time. I’ll research it on Google or Bing.

The same way they turn it into a solid for cheese, only more so,

A LOT of yarns involve turning liquids into solids, including silk, rayon, acrylic.

Most of the new fibers not only involve turning a liquid into a solid, but they FIRST turn solids source material into liquids.

This would include your bamboo, soy, corn, etc yarns.

Maybe this can answer your questions…

Thank you Jan. The second link is very informative and answered my questions.

Milk yarn has a wonderful sheen and is comfortable to wear, just like silk. It contains 18 health-friendly amino-acids. It’s durable and will hold up to wear.Milk yarn contains natural protein so it feels soft and smoth on your skin.The amino-acids also make milk yarn antibacterial and antifungal.Milk yarn is moisture absorbing and will keep you cool on hot days