Midwestern Mittens, Extra Chunky pattern question

This is a free pattern on the Lion Brand website. I’m making the large pair…casting on 22 sts. 4 needles w/ 6, 6, 6, & 4sts on 4th needle as stated. Rnd 7 is an inc rnd having a M1 on the 2nd needle ( 7 sts ) and M2 on the 4th needle for the Lg pair ( 6 sts ). That would make 25 sts total…but, on the pattern it says 24 total. Did i do something wrong or is the pattern wrong?

I think that’s a typo…if you cast on 22 and do 3 increases, you’ll end up with 25 stitches…unless I’ve been out of school for too long.:aww:

I can’t say that I have ever seen M2 used as a term. So it should probably be a M1 as well then you would have the 24.